Lifestyle Services Group take customer insight to the mobile world

Founded in 2005, Lifestyle Services Group Limited (LSG) has grown to become the UK’s leading provider of lifestyle assistance solutions. Their stated vision is to protect their customer’s mobile life.

This doesn’t just mean replacing the mobile device but also reconnecting them to everything they use their device for. Closely linked to this operational objective is the desire for LSG to be the best mobile phone insurance service provider delivering simple and effective customer solutions.

Now with over 1000 employees across the UK, LSG has grown to become by far the largest provider of mobile phone insurance in the UK, working closely with well-known affinity partners in the mobile phone and financial services sector.

The Problem Interacting with the customer in real-time

LSG uses customer feedback to assess service delivery performance and understand changing customer needs in order to continuously develop and improve their product offering. Almost none of the interaction takes place face-toface but instead, over the phone or on-line. Receiving immediate and accurate customer input and guidance on the services provided is a fundamental business requirement; ensuring LSG continue to evolve their offerings such that they remain at the vanguard of the market with a highly differentiated offering. The main drawback of LSG’s previous system was the difficulty making immediate changes to the customer feedback surveys in a cost effective and timely fashion. To make even the smallest of modifications to any survey took days of development and to fine-tune to improve feedback rates was nearly impossible as a result. Furthermore, the Management Information (MI) produced from this solution was of a fixed format and not ideally suited to the adaptive nature and evolving needs of the business.

Significantly all the tools used to provide MI in a useful format were locked-down by their supplier and as a result LSG’s flexibility to respond quickly was severely curtailed. Customer Insight Manager, Benjamin Edmonds explains, “We are a flexible and innovative organisation and we were getting really frustrated about how long it was taking to introduce changes to our surveys.” LSG decided they had to seriously review their options.

Fast Fact

Number of SMS surveys per annum: 130,000

Key affinities: High Street mobile phone and financial services brands

Average response rate: > 30 %

Survey creation time: 3 X faster (300%)

Estimated annual saving £75,000

The Solution

After extensive market research and duediligence with data-security being a key focus, LSG selected TextReactor powered by Aquarium. TextReactor delivers effective real-time customer feedback at key touch-points along the customer journey. Clear, meaningful and timely, it enables its clients to gain powerful insight into the real voice of the customer at decisive moments during their interaction. Most importantly, it can drive immediate corrective actions and facilitatescontinuous improvement of future customer experiences.

All of this functionality is wrapped up in a solution hosted within an ISO27001 and PCI compliant environment which means it conforms to the high levels of data security.

Lsg 01

Head of Procurement, Shaun Evans, explains, “We were really impressed by the intelligent and process-centric nature of TextReactor, for us it added an extra dimension to our SMS response surveys. Creating new surveys really quickly was child’s play. It was exactly what we were looking for.” TextReactor allows its clients to first graphically sketch out the interaction process and when complete, push it live (via the cloud) for immediate use. Business rules can then be laid on top of the process to control how a specific customer’s response to a question is managed, possibly by a follow-up question, an automated action such as the sending of an email or a an alert to specific trigger phrases to enable instant reaction and follow-up. Much use can be made of TextReactor’s process capability to chain multiple events together all of which can be triggered without any human intervention.

Each customer interaction is stored at a granular level and so can be extracted for reporting purposes. For LSG, Aquarium’s “click-to-configure” report builder made the task of extracting accurate and timely management information from the system simple. TextReactor enables operations teams and marketeers to quickly get access to the information they need. Once created, reports can be set up to run `behind the scenes` with the information being emailed automatically to designated recipients, further improving the flow of information within the organisation.

The Benefits – From SMS surveys to full value-add process automation

Firstly, TextReactor is far more cost-effective in the way it’s priced vs. their previous solution. This has enabled LSG to significantly widen the use of SMS surveys in both volume and scope without increasing the cost to clients.

Secondly, as an organisation LSG is much more flexible and nimble in their capacity to gather customer feedback at key points in each of their numerous and quite different affiliate processes. Specifically, they are able to deploy new feedback programmes three times as quickly than with their previous provider.

Thirdly, TextReactor is far more than an SMS survey response tool. It can be used to drive real business process automation based on responses to text messages, opening up new ways of working with customers to provide the type of service they need and expect.

Sales & Marketing Director at Aquarium Software, Mark Colonnese, comments, “We are delighted to be working with LSG as a market leader in the mobile phone insurance space we feel the success LSG have had with TextReactor is a real vindication of our vision for the product. We look forward to assisting them further with their new programmes and initiatives”

Shaun Evans, Head of Procurement, added “The team at Aquarium impressed us from day one, progressing from initial meeting to live deployment across all our programmes in an amazingly short space of time. As a company, we are exceptionally excited about the way TextReactor will allow us to work in new ways which were not possible before, ultimately allowing us to offer the best service to our clients and customers alike.”

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