Quadra Case Study

Aquarium demists the cloud for Quadra

Market leaders in the insurance sector are partnering in a pioneering technology initiative enabled by advanced cloud technologies.

The Result: a truly collaborative solution that engages underwriters, claims handlers and loss adjusters across organisations, improving process efficiency and, at the same time, offering best in class customer service to the insured.

The Challenge

When Ecclesiastical Insurance Group (EIG) needed a field service provider to handle customer insurance claims, they turned to Quadra, for its high levels of experience and service capabilities in the sector. What was needed was a reliable and robust engine to handle commercial property claims in a consistent fashion and to provide meaningful management data on-demand. Quadra was looking for a high level of secure online collaboration; it also aimed to improve customer service to the insured party and provide added value wherever possible. The challenge was set!


The Solution

Quadra’s loss adjusting software system is now underpinned by Aquarium Software, the leading provider of cloud-based process management systems in the insurance field, and the new partnership is delivering enhanced customer service, process improvements and cost-savings.

Quadra 01

Using the smart business tools afforded by Aquarium, Quadra was able to secure a significant business win with an appointment to the loss adjusting panel of EIG. The leading edge technology, together with the bespoke process developed jointly by Aquarium and Quadra, was a key factor in the win.

EIG’s choice of Quadra was influenced partly by the firm’s long track record of success in the industry and the winning combination of both technical and people skills.

Also critical was Quadra’s innovative use of the latest technology to provide an effective, yet ethical service for both the insurance company and the insured alike, thanks in no small part to Aquarium Software. Quadra makes use of Aquarium’s latest “cloud computing” technologies to provide a claims and loss adjusting application that is highly flexible and simple to deploy. Aquarium’s powerful business process automation enables claims to be efficiently validated and processed, whilst loss adjusters have a support tool that ensures the effective management of claims. Being web-based means the Aquarium applications can be accessed anywhere, making for easier collaboration between Quadra and EIG, while inbuilt messaging and easy access to the claim file and detailed claim journal provide participants with all the information they require, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

Clients View

“We are delighted to be working on such an exciting new business venture. This appointment is a huge vote of confidence in Quadra and our ability to deliver a claims service that really makes a difference. The software platform provided by Aquarium delivers the transparency and positive collaborative environment required by Quadra and EIG, and complements perfectly the work we have done for other clients in both our loss adjusting and claims management practices.”

Dave Greenwood - Director, Quadra Claims Services

Aquarium View

“We are delighted to see Aquarium playing its part in the developing relationship between Quadra and EIG. Our loss adjusting solution, with its broad range of features, is a natural fit to the needs of our clients and is one of our most popular applications. By liberating businesses from the overhead of managing claims and improving client service levels, our clients are free to develop new ventures. This new venture is a great example of this in action and we wish both parties every success.”

“Aquarium is flexible enough to be easily modified if required, without expert IT involvement. Webbased software and “cloud computing” also eliminate the problem of buying and maintaining expensive computer hardware, freeing customers like Quadra to do what they do best without the need for additional capital expenditure.”

Mark Colonnese - Director, Aquarium Software

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Fast Facts

Quadra Claims – Commercial, household property claims Claims management and loss adjusting services.

Annual turnover: £2-5M

Annual claims: 5K – 10K

Key Benefits

  • Vastly improved customer service
  • Consistent above target performance against SLAs
  • Full transparency and remote audit capability

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