Aquarium Travel

Digital insurance for today's connected traveller


With Aquarium's software solutions, travellers and insurance providers can both bask in the sunshine of a connected digital experience.

By working closely with our clients, we've seen firsthand how they have radically improved customer engagement and operational processes.

With our experienced and expert team, we are in a unique position to help make you stand out from the pack.

Digital transformation

We put your customers in the driving seat: access to the information and services where they need it, when they need it.

Sales, claims & medical assistance

Everything in one place for a seamless service: sales, claims, medical emergency: take the complete solution or pick the modules you need.

Become truly agile

Add new products, partners and affinity propositions quickly through configuration not code.

A platform for innovation

Using the latest web and mobile technologies you can innovate faster than the competition.

Omni-channel engagement

Offer a joined up service and bring email, print, SMS and telephone together into a single view of the customer.

Intelligent automation

Capture and automate your business processes. Overlay with rules-based adjudication, AI and machine learning. Now take operational efficiency and customer service to the next level.

Travel Insurance - Our vision

Travel Insurance - Our vision

A brief intro: Aquarium Travel

A brief intro: Aquarium Travel


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